ProductDyno Review

ProductDyno Review: Will it Protect Your Downloads?


Picture this awful scenario…


You spend months creating your infoproduct to sell, and once you launch it, sales take off. But after a while, you notice your earnings sharply tapering off. There’s a leak somewhere… but you don’t know what it is.


UNTIL you come across blackhat sites which are sharing the download links to your product/s. Not only are you being robbed, but you’re incurring bandwidth costs because of freeloading thieves.


Does this scenario sound far-fetched to you?


Rest assured, it’s not.


There are thousands of products on these sites for ‘free’… and product vendors are getting ripped off daily; cheated of their hard work and well-deserved earnings.


Here’s the problem


Sharing links is easy. Protecting them takes work. You’ll need membership software or a plugin… or some other measure that acts as a deterrent to these online bandits.


These download protection software solutions can be pricey and difficult to set up.


Almost always, it’s the hassle of protecting the access page which discourages product owners from guarding their downloads – especially the new marketers who aren’t too tech savvy.


The good news is that there’s an excellent tool called ProductDyno which will make this entire process a breeze… and it’s affordable too.


Here’s what you can use it for:

  •  Sell any infoproduct without worry (your page is well-protected!)
  •  Run membership sites (only members have access)
  •  Protect your video courses

And much more


This is a very versatile tool which can be set up in minutes!


Let’s look at the pros and cons of ProductDyno…


1.    Unlimited products (with the pro plan)

There are 3 different pricing tiers in ProductDyno. The starter plan allows for 10 products, the growth plan lets you sell 30 products and the Pro+ plan allows you to sell unlimited products – and protects ALL your downloads.


2.    Hosts your files for you

You can upload files up to 25GB and ProductDyno will host them for you. So you won’t need storage like Amazon S3 to store your products. This makes it highly convenient.


3.    Excellent member management

You can always add, block and remove members based on refunds, cancellations, etc. While lightweight plugins only protect an access page, ProductDyno allows you control on an almost ‘granular’ level – you decide who can and cannot access your content.

Easily import and export members… and even filter member data. This is extremely useful when you’re trying to locate members on your customer list.

You can revoke or activate member access, and if you have multiple packages for sale, you can even upgrade and downgrade members. Here’s the best part – you can do it all from one easy-to-use interface.


4.    Fantastic content management

Besides protecting your content, ProductDyno will let you:

  • Clone your content
  • Drip the content (membership sites)
  • Use the content on your home page
  • Add images, audios and videos
  • Insert custom code

And much more!

There’s so much flexibility on this platform that it’s probably the only content protection and management system you need.


5.    Easy to use

Despite its multiple features which can seem overwhelming, setting up ProductDyno is a breeze. The user interface is neat and almost intuitive to use. There’s no code or jargon to figure out. There are several video tutorials to guide you and you can even see more videos on YouTube.


6.    Free SSL certificates

This is straightforward. No need to pay for SSL certs. All free and complimentary.


7.    Integrates with many tools and platforms

The versatility of a software tool depends on how well it integrates with other platforms. The more the merrier… and you won’t need to set up hooks with Zapier or deal with other hassles.

ProductDyno excels here and integrates with:

  •  InfusionSoft
  •  PayPal
  •  Stripe
  •  JVZoo
  •  Zaxaa
  •  Thrivecart
  •  MailChimp
  •  GetResponse
  •  Convertri
  •  Paykickstart
  •  ActiveCampaign
  •  Drip
  •  Samcart
  •  Zapier

And much more!


8.    Multiple-Layered Content Security

The most important reason why you need to get ProductDyno – security!

That’s what this tool excels at.

When you take away all the cool bells and whistles, at its core, ProductDyno is a lean, mean digital ‘bouncer’ that products your products from thieves and online riff-raff who are trying to steal your content. It works 24/7 and is almost impenetrable.


9.    Customizable

You’re allowed some degree of customization with your download pages. However, the options are limited and, in this regard, ProductDyno is not as robust as other tools. But that’s not a big issue because your main goal should be to protect your downloads.

We could go on and on about the reporting features, licensing, domain management, live editor and more… but you can see all of that on the official site.


Let’s look at the cons of ProductDyno now:


·         Limited customization: As mentioned earlier, you don’t really have free reign when it comes to creating exactly the type of access pages you want.


·         Can be pricey: While ProductDyno is a lot cheaper than most paid options, it can be a bit steep to beginner marketers on a tight budget.


·         There’s a learning curve: As easy as this tool is to use, you’ll still need to play around with it for a day or two to figure it out. It’s not automatic.

When it comes to disadvantages, other than these 3, there really isn’t anything else.

Some people may be upset that ProductDyno doesn’t integrate with their unheard-of tools – but that’s just the usual entitled souls who expect everything to be perfect.

For the most part, ProductDyno integrates with the popular marketing solutions most marketers use. That’s really all you’ll need.


Should you get ProductDyno?


This is a decision only you can make for yourself.


I love this tool and highly recommend it! If you’re looking for an all-in-one content management platform, ProductDyno has your name written all over it.


Take a look at the features and pricing… and you’ll probably get this awesome tool.

Most marketers aren’t only going to sell one product. So if you’re selling 5-10 products, getting a starter plan is actually very affordable.


Spending a few dollars to protect your products/training may help you earn hundreds or even thousands more in the long run. When people can’t access your product for free, they’ll usually fork out their money and buy it.


ProductDyno will pay for itself many times over by preventing theft and lost sales. You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

Use this tool to guard your business round the clock!

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