craig gallowayHello, I’m Craig Galloway

I’m a Scotsman, born and

brought up in Girvan, Ayrshire, where I still live.

I was born in the golden sixties and grew up
with the glam rock, punk rock and disco fever of
the seventies and early eighties. Couldn’t play a
guitar to save my life. But I used to run a mobile
disco, was a wedding DJ for years and also had
a stint at hospital radio.

Computing is my passion and I enjoy helping
people and teaching what I know.

I started in ecommerce /Amazon affiliate and affiliate
marketing reviews of software and then moved
onto Youtube channel, FB groups and Interviews
online , before using my experience to become a coach and help others start their journey online


If your looking to start your online journey why not book a discovery call with me here and see if we are a fit